The dynamic DJ and crew from Chile stir up an intoxicating mix of electronic, funk, hip-hop, Latin, and lounge on their stateside debut. Infectious beats are laced with bilingual lyrics and are sure to make a splash in American dance clubs. Led by DJ Bitman, the band has already won heavy airplay and video play for the clip "Tatita". Bitman & Roban's music was used in several prominent indie films ("Secuestro Express", "Yellow"), and they handled remixes for Grammy-nominated Latin-alternative act Babasonicos.

1. Tatita.
2. Get on the floor.
3. Después de almuerzo, parte 1.
4. Animal.
5. Answer 2 the beat.
6. Esa música.
7. Después de almuerzo, parte 2.
8. Geil.
9. El hechizo.
10. Después de almuerzo, parte 3. … l.rar.html