Artist: Armik
Album: Mi Pasion
Release Date: January 1, 2006
Label: Bolero Records
Genres: World, Acoustic guitar, Flamenco
Format: MP3/320 kbps/CBR/Stereo
Time total: 49:25 min
Size total: 113 mb
Studio/Live Studio
Mono/Stereo Stereo
Producer Amik
Personnel: Amik (guitar)

01.Calima (4:23)
02.Mi Pasion (4:50)
03.Rumba De Noche (4:34)
04.Recuerdos (4:44)
05.Warm Summer Nights (4:55)
06.Bolero (4:56)
07.Brisas (4:20)
08.Libre (4:43)
09.Sailing To Mallorca (4:37)
10.Corazon (4:41)
11.Guitarra Del Sol (2:42)

"Mi Pasion" Description :

One of the most admired Nuevo Flamenco guitarists on the music scene, Armik has acquired and shared a beautiful repertoire of rhythmical forms that make up Flamenco, Jazz, Latin and World music styles on eight chart-topping recordings. His distinctive sound has become instantly recognizable as fans around the world continue to show their enthusiasm for his sophisticated, passionate style. With MI PASION, Armik’s the songs are subtler, richer, but equally charming and passionate.
MI PASION is an entirely natural step for Armik. As a prime mover on the Nuevo Flamenco scene, his playing has taken on increased Jazz and World elements with a fairly even split between Nuevo and Classic flamenco rhythmic forms. Armik has deftly combined the classic palos with the majesty, drama and variety of emotional nuance one associates with Nuevo Flamenco. There is far more emphasis on his fluid, expressive soloing than on speed and unleashing a barrage of electronically tinged high notes to heat up the tracks. Armik gradually builds in intensity and underscores his great playing with consistent, stimulating guitar artistry.

As a composer, his songs offer a variety of feelings, moods and imaginative settings. His instrumentals speak in a language that immediately "take you there" or have you headed for the dance floor.

A genuine international star with culturally communal roots far deeper than many of his contemporaries, Armik remains dedicated to his passion for the advancement of the Nuevo Flamenco idiom more than ever. His endeavors have not only kept the Nuevo Flamenco corridors alive but extremely kicking for an almost exclusive audience at a time when many other Nuevo Flamenco artists have hopped on the folk-festival circuit. With MI PASION, you hold in your hands another virtuosic guitar showcase by Armik. This mix of balladry, jazz, world, and romantic flamenco styles, is his recipe for hot, up-tempo, creative music.