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12000 Custom Shapes For Photoshop From Graphic Xtras
12000 mixed design royalty-free power custom shapes for use in Photoshop ® and Elements
A hugely popular 'must-have' toolkit of vector layer resolution-free custom shapes.
Superb color effects and web designs.
An amazing library of ready designed shapes for instant use.
Great for frames and borders and text effects and 'special' effects and web designs and more.
Use the shapes in the new Photoshop CS2 Shapes blur for unusual and unique blurring effects
Use the new Photoshop CS2 warping transformation on the shapes to create weird and wonderful shapes.
Great for path designs and selections (fill / apply brush strokes and more). Export to other applications such as Illustrator
Superb with styles and gradients

Bonus Items: 500 gradients (the entire collection of the gradient set) + Selection of patterns for Photoshop + plugins (pc) + styles

Alien custom shapes
Arrow custom shapes
Border custom shapes
Circular custom shapes
Crosses custom shapes
Flower design custom shapes
Frame and edge custom shapes
Grids custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements
Hearts custom shapes
Letter custom shapes
Number custom shapes
Perspective custom shapes
Scribbles custom shapes
Sphere custom shapes
Star custom shapes
Wavy design custom shapes
Zigzag custom shapes for Photoshop

and many many more
A wide selection of dynamic exciting shape designs.

Why would you need this set? You might have Illustrator, you might be a whizz with paths, or perhaps not, but this is an easy to use instant creative toolkit. No need to spend time creating points and designs, the shapes set has done it all for you. Very simple to use. Powerful and effective designs can be created in no time for a wide selection of application and design

Combine or intersect or subtract. Use the shapes from the graphicxtras.com set as a source for your own shapes. Use the direct selection point tool to tweak the shapes further. Or use the transformation tools to distort or apply perspective to the shapes in the set

Create infinite shape designs. 12,000 of royalty-free custom shapes for instant use in Photoshop. Use them to create your own stunning shapes library

Save them to your own shapes libraries for specific projects and more

For web designs, paths, layer effects and more. Instant toolkit. Photoshop effects.

Web Designs: Shapes can be used as fill pixels or web designs. So here, using the 'dots' shapes, the shapes can be splattered across the document to create a dotty background effect in seconds.

To see what these look like, go to the following website and scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on any of the galleries...




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File Size: 44.58mb
After Extraction: 82.40mb

Using Shapes:
1. Put the custom shapes library in a directory of your choice. It does not need to be in the Photoshop directory.
2. Choose Edit > Preset Manager.
3. In the Preset Manager dialog, select "Custom Shapes" from the Preset Type drop-down menu.
4. Click Load.
5. In the Load dialog, find the new Custom Shapes library and click Load. 6. The shapes will now be available in the Shape pop-up menu, which is found in the Options bar when a shape tool is selected.