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ArKaos VJ is the dazzling fast software that will enable you to put out outstanding video shows in matter of seconds. Build a full performance
using a few simple video loops from your hard drive by mixing and altering them using more than 100 real-time effects.


ArKaos VJ supports full MIDI suites, both on-screen and off, as well as
such music authoring applications as Cubase™, E-Magic®, ReWire®. It is
equally at home on Macs and PCs and can be learned in minutes, with
drag & drop and key-punch functionality at all levels. The application
is also available in versions compatible with the DMX protocol or a
Medialon environment.

On top of the 60+ original ArKaos effects, version 3.5 now supports
additional FreeFrame effects, FreeFrame is the open-source cross
-platform real-time video effects plugin system designed for use in
VJing applications; ArKaos VJ comes with 42 pre-loaded FreeFrame
effects and you can get many more other effects from the FreeFrame web
site! Each of the effects in ArKaos VJ has changeable parameters,
allowing infinite customization of each one.