» RELEASE iNFORMATiON «                        
 SOFTWARE NAME : PGI Workstation Server v6.2.3                              
 PROTECTiON    : LICENSE              CRACKER       : TEAM Z.W.T          

  RELEASE TYPE  : LICFILE              SUPPLiER      : TEAM Z.W.T          
 RELEASE DATE  : 2006-09-15          PACKER        : TEAM Z.W.T          
 LANGUAGE      : ENGLiSH              SiZE          : 23 x 5.00MB 
 FORMAT        : ZIP/RAR              ZiP NAME      : zpw23w**.zip        
                         » ADDiTiONAL NOTES «                           

 COMPANY       : STMicroelectronics                                        
 PLATFORM      : WiNALL                                                    
 SOFTWARE TYPE : UTiLiTY                                                    

URL           : http://www.pgroup.com                                      

                         » RELEASE NOTES «                             

  The PGI Server includes PGI high-performance compilers along with the PGDBG 
  OpenMP parallel graphical debugger and the PGPROF OpenMP parallel graphical 
  performance profiler. Together, they allow multiple users to compile, debug 
  and profile on any compatible computer networked to the system on which the 
  PGI compilers are installed (a network-floating license). Debugging and 
  profiling are limite to a maximum of 16 multi-core processors. Executables 
  produced by PGI Server limit the number of threads that will be used for 
  OpenMP or auto-parallel programs. The maximum is equal to 16 times the 
  number of cores within the processor on which execution is initiated. 
  Executables can be executed on any compatible system regardless of whether 
  the PGI compilers are installed.
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