Herbie Hancock - Future Shock

Released: 1983
Genre: Electronic
Style: Electro, Future Jazz
Bitrate: 320kbit/s

Herbie Hancock completely overhauled his sound and conquered MTV withhis most radical step forward since the sextet days. He brought in Bill Laswell of Material as producer, along with Grand Mixer D.STon turntables -- and the immediate result was "Rockit," which makesquite a post-industrial metallic racket. Frankly, the whole record isan enigma; for all of its dehumanized, mechanized textures and rigidrhythms, it has a vitality and sense of humor that make it difficult toturn off. Moreover, Herbie can't help but inject a subversive funkelement when he comps along to the techno beat -- and yes, some real,honest-to-goodness jazz licks on a grand piano show up in the middle of"Auto Drive."