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Febrile [TH!N 04]

CD album [500]

music.   Dif:use

design.   f.ts

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Dif:use is yet another alias for yet another collaboration of the ever prolific Funcken Brothers, respectively Don and Roel, in this particular case with a certain Cor Bolten. Don and Roel are already well known as the masterminds behind such household names as Funckarma, Quench, Cenik, d’Enborage and Shadow Huntaz.

Both have been under the influence of music from the moment they first appeared on this ugly planet. Music as sound has always been the dog’s bollocks to them. Not surprisingly, both studied something involving sound.

Don and Roel have already released shitloads of stuff, on labels ranging from DUB and Skam to Isophlux and Arcola. From Day One it’s been clear that they like their beats bitter and twisted in every possible way. If an evolution must be found in their work, let’s say that their long standing Hip Hop fetish [«in particular the raw stuff» I believe their exact words were] and Reggae fixation [and anything remotely Jamaican for that matter] are ever more apparent. The entire lot of course drowned, starved and sedated in a deep dish Electronica seasoning.

Traditionally, the Funcken brothers have shone for their expertise in the field of rhythm. Under various aliases, they’ve supplied beats of all shapes and sizes. As Dif:use they reveal a different side, one without beats, a nervous Ambient alternative to their customary throbbing epilepsia, with the same obsession for sonic manipulation, hung, drawn and quartered.