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Corel Paradox 9

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With Corel Paradox 9 Developer’s Edition, you can develop custom applications, then distribute them royalty-free with Paradox 9 Runtime. Build database-driven Web sites with powerful Java-based utilities and create your own front ends for client/server databases. Plus, compatibility with Microsoft Access, dBASE, and other ODBC-compliant databases makes data sharing easy.
Corel Paradox 9 Developer’s Edition puts a powerful development environment in your control. It allows you to create and modify tables and table links with the Visual Database Designer, and speed through table creation with the new table structure and restructure dialog box. Features such as the Object Explorer give you quick access to every object’s properties, events, and methods. The integrated object tree displays a graphical view of the hierarchy, showing the relationship between objects.

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Вы здесь » Free » Old topiks. » Corel Paradox 9