QuarkXPress Passport® software is a complete, fully-functioning version of QuarkXPress® that includes additional features for multilingual publishing.

QuarkXPress Passport supports hyphenation and spell-checking for 23 languages:

* Czech
* Croatian
* Danish
* Dutch
* English (International)
* English (U.S.)
* Finnish
* French
* German
* Greek
* Hungarian (hyphenation only)

* Italian
* Norwegian
* Polish
* Brazilian Portuguese
* European Portuguese
* Russian
* Slovak
* Spanish
* Swedish
* Swiss-German
* Turkish

QuarkXPress Passport features include:

* Translated user interface — With a click of the mouse, you can display the user interface (commands such as Save and Print) in any of the following 11 languages: Danish, Dutch, English (international and U.S.), French, German (including Reformed German), Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish, and Swiss-German.
* Complete, localized documentation as PDF files — User manuals and documentation are available in all supported languages as PDF files. These files are included on the QuarkXPress 7 application CD-ROM.

What's New:

Precise transparency
Set transparency of a frame, background, or single character at the color level with total independence. No need for item-based workarounds or third-party applications!
Composition Zones
Collaborate with multiple users on a single layout, and designers can instantly synchronize all text, color, design, and output. A revolutionary design feature!
Integrated Job Jackets technology
Ensure your print job adheres to specifications from the beginning of the creative process to output.
Design in context
Fully support your Adobe® Photoshop® files for design flexibility and reliability.
Faster performance
Easily interact with the intuitive interface and dynamic tools. A design for maximum efficiency.
PDF/X for designers
Guarantee PDF/X production immediately in the design process and adhere to compliance regulations.
Multi-channel rich content publishing
Create print, HTML, and XML content from the same file without the need for conversion or repurposing.

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