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Sony Electro Set

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The Electro Set collection is a complete construction kit for making propulsive electronica by blending and interacting with a multitude of layerable rhythmic components. Inside this library you’ll discover scores of interlocking music creation elements. Build a foundation with beats and basslines extrapolated from classic German and Detroit techno origins, and then select from hundreds of pitched and filtered rhythms, percussive melodies and noises, drones, pads, and fills, to arrive at music that is uniquely your own.

The Electro Set library combines state-of the art instruments, hardcore authenticity, and superlative library design into a one-stop electronica solution that can be put to work instantly in ACID software and a host of other hardware and software tools that support .wav files.


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4я часть не существует )остальные на месте.... Мил человек залей 4ю на досуге. бум ждать


не ждем разобрались


Что там все-таки с 4 частью? Как из положения выйти, подскажите плз!


Re up part 4 only plis !!!

Вы здесь » Free » Samples » Sony Electro Set