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Build an Ark

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Build an Ark - Peace With Every Step

Label: Plug Research
Release: 2004

01. You've Gotta Have Freedom
02. Vibes from the Tribe
03. Conversations
04. Precious, Priceless
05. Love Is Our Nationality
06. Pure Imagination/Tortoise and the Hare
07. Drumprovise [Interlude]
08. Japan [Interlude]
09. Peace With Every Step
10. Equipoise
11. Collective
12. Peace and Love
13. The Stars Are Singing Too [Interlude]
14. Nu Baya Roots
15. Village Soft
16. The Blessing Song
17. Guidance
18. Always There


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Build an Ark is a california jazz collective... i had never ever heard'a em till i purchased the cd (luckily the store i get my music at allows you to lissen to the albums before you buy them!) ...i proly shouldnt have used 'garage' in my title description, cause that might imply 'funk' or 'soul' to many people, when actually these cats is cool and laid back with how they approach their music; no pfunk 'funky' but no where near 'smooth' jazz status either. more 'tribal' with their sound/semi-spritual or bohemian in their approach.


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Вы здесь » Free » Jazz / Джаз » Build an Ark