Artist: Frederic Monino
Title: Around Jaco
Source: CDDA
Label: Yak Productions
Genre: Jazz
Rip date: 000-00-2006
Store date: 000-00-0000
Bitrate: VBR kbps
Size: 82,9 mB

:: T R A C K L i S T ::
01. frederic monino - continuum "05:23
02. frederic monino - rount trip "03:26
03. frederic monino - bright size life "03:58
04. frederic monino - punktroduction "01:01
05. frederic monino - punk jazz "06:23
06. frederic monino - 3 views of a secret "06:16
07. frederic monino - teen town "03:35
08. frederic monino - liberty city "07:02
09. frederic monino - speak like a child "06:36
10. frederic monino - used to be a chacha "05:22

:: i N F O ::
Always such a tremendous treat to hear Jaco's compositions, especially done with love and respect, honoring Jaco with your beautiful renditions of his music! Thank you Frdric! Ingrid PASTORIUS

Around Jaco. As you listen, the choice of title becomes obvious: this isnt just a tribute to the most famous electric bass player, the one we refer to when we talk about "before Jaco" and "after Jaco". Its really about an exploration into Pastorius heritage, a rereading and widening of horizons. Respecting the legacy but asserting your own identity .Relevant arrangements, toned down individualism for the sake of the collective work, and the obvious desire to create a kind of bridge between American and European jazz contribute to making this ambitious disc a real success. Arnaud STEFANI.Elected disc Citizen Jazz

A bass player paying tribute to Jaco Pastorius? Suspicious... But youre wrong. Fred Monino isnt just using Jaco as an excuse to show off. Thats not what hes about... So to avoid ad-libbing in the same old groove as the regrettable zealots of the regretted Floridian poet, Monino formed a trio of hidalgos with just the right tone and tempo... For good measure and to explore all the possible jacological sounds, our three friends invited five others - a great idea, because this major fifth has made a decisive contribution... Rarely has Jacos music been so loved. And yes, that love is contagious. Highly and warmly recommended by your humble servant
Frederic GOATY. Editor of Jazzmagazine Disque dmoi.

..This is an intelligent rereading of Pastorius compositions with original instrumentation based on a trio.As an instrumentalist, Monino had the bright idea of not plagiarizing his master and playing this repertoire his own way, with his own tone and balanced mixing. And we truly appreciate his approach, which is modest, innovative and respectful at the same time Lionel ESKENAZI. 4 * Jazzman

Frederic Monino's fretless bass playing does not hide where he's coming from, instantly evoking Jaco Pastorius. But the trio develops a personal and original colour of its own, giving us beautiful, refined arrangements that the guest soloists help to bring out. You immediately get a sense of space listening to this album. Nothing seems forced, each choice (of arrangement, soloist etc.) justtifies itself. The music breathes and the listener breathes with it. Around Jaco explores Pastorius' world - and very well in my view - but above all, gives us a chance to hear a group with a superb sound and that's the important thing. Macao jazz Pierre Villeret

Grafted onto his basic trio made up of Lionel Suarez on accordion and Stephane Huchard on drums, are several distinguished guests The unlikely composition of this line-up of brilliant soloists produces arrangements that are unexpected to say the least. Frederic Moninos 5-string fretless Leduc U-bass clearly shines in this music, reinterpreted with the kind of elegance Jaco Pastorius himself would not have shunned
Paolo COCCINA.Bassiste Magazine

Strange line-up for this repertoire, but its a question of respecting the spirit rather than the letter. Monino is a past master in this little game: his music refuses any kind of standardization, advocates complicity and improvisation. Were in Pastorius territory here! Olivier Ker Ourio, Franois Jeanneau, Louis Winsberg, Thomas de Pourquery and Franck Tortiller are among the guests, adding to the excellence of the group as a whole, with some bravura passages: Teen town or again, the leaders awesome solo in Punktroduction
Eric DELHAYE. Midi Libre

The American Jaco Pastorius showed that the bass wasnt just a backing instrument in jazzAround Jaco is a tribute to a master, thats worthy of the master... Moninos bass takes flight, races along, then turns to velvet in the compositions of the American jazzman... We knew Frederic Monino was a great jazz bass player; after this performance where he took the risk of rubbing shoulders with a myth, were even more convinced
Ghislaine ARBA-LAFFONT. La Gazette.

A feeling of great serenity emerges from this recording and what a joy to hear all these musicians together, forming or at least belonging to a kind of family - the kind that can get together to play this music Around Jaco . Laurent CUGNY

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