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VA - Three A.D. (1996)

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label: Waveform Recordings
release date: 19 Mar 1996
mp3 320 kbps, 120 mb

Shark Infested by Real Life
Skank by Higher Intelligence Agency
Drawn to the Woman by Sounds From the Ground
Lighten Up! by A Positive Life
In 7 by Another Fine Day
Sign by Coldcut
Oracle by Space Time Continuum
Solar Prophet by Insanity Sect
Regina From the Future by The Starseeds


VA - Two A.D. (1995)
label: Waveform Recordings
release date: 4 April 1995
mp3 201 VBRkbps, 110 mb

Behind the Sun (deep ambient mix) by The Starseeds
Autumn Leaves (Irresistable Force Mix Trip 2) by Coldcut
Triangle by Sounds From the Ground
A Voyage on the Marie Celeste by Groove Corporation
Pleidean Communication by A Positive Life
Baby Interphase by Biosphere
Tortoise by Higher Intelligence Agency
Sunken Garden by Human Mesh Dance
Late Night by Insanity Sect
Aquasonic by A Positive Life


VA - Two A.D. (1994)

abel: Waveform Recordings
release date: 17 May 1994
mp3 231 VBRkbps, 119 mb

Dubometer by Templeroy
Devotion by Pentatonik
Soma Holiday by G.O.L.
Desert Wind (interstate 101 mix) by Banco de Gaia
Pirate (cee mix remix) by Ras Command
The Calling by A Positive Life
Beam by Sandoz
Harmony Angel by Higher Intelligence Agency
Mecca of Space by Rockers Hi-Fi
Shitewrecked by Urchin
The Calling (ambient mix) by A Positive Life

Вы здесь » Free » Electro / Электроника » VA - Three A.D. (1996)