Artist : VA
Album : Cafe Goa
Type : Compilation
Label : Avatar Records
CatalogNr : AVAS040 : 06.12.2006 : 05.12.2006
Genre : Ambient
Style : Ambient, Chillout
Source : CDDA
Grabber : EAC 0.95.4
Encoder : Lame 3.96.1 --APS
Quality : VBRkbps / 44.1kHz
Channel Mode : Joint-Stereo
No.Tracks : 11
Size : 98,5 MB
Length : 72:24 min

01. 06:20 Angel Tears - Conjuring Rain
02. 06:51 Mere Mortals - Aloft
03. 08:39 Space Cat and Oforia - Breath
04. 07:27 Aqualia - Prayer Song
05. 05:58 Opus III - Alzir (AstroPilot RMX)
06. 04:15 Kej - Distance
07. 07:31 Prahlad - Sundram
08. 05:57 Sri Hari - Damodarastaka
09. 05:03 Kej - Yeh Duniya
10. 06:48 Steve Dragon - Nag Champa
11. 07:35 Panda's Dream feat. AstroPilot - Forget Your Troubles … Z.rar.html

COVERS … s.rar.html

Goa, a treasured part of the world... A reflection of the beauty and
tranquility of the Indian continent. A paradise for many, and much more
than that for others.... A place where music is a second language and
where people come together. Avatar launch its new sub label with a
first 'Cafe Goa' release. Eleven chillout tracks of high spirit tunes
and relaxed global beats, a perfect afternoon on the beautiful peaceful
beaches of Goa. The idea is simple, you sit by the shores, dip in the
water, admire the stunning sunsets to a backdrop of coconut trees and
eclectic music coming out from every shack. The simplicity of the event
makes a perfect combination of scenery. The beautiful weather and the
wonderfully ambience, make every sunset a special one. Fishermen
pullout their boats while the sun reluctantly gives up its last rays,
before vanishing below the horizon. What a way to start the season on
the Indian coast... What else can we ask for ...? Goa. It's a state of