Surprise Maker
Create and send thousands of beautiful, colourful personalizedsurprises to your friends, chat/e-mail friends, mates... You can createand send fantastic happy birthday gifts, invitations, dating through asurprise, thanksgiving, advertise and much more...

In your happy surprise you can insert your personal pictures, clip art, text, custom songs, fonts, sound effects and web site addresses. You can lock the surprise under password to reveal it later .

Drag & drop and copy paste supported, very easy to use. Surprise Maker have a simple editor to combine various pictures as layers and add your custom text. You can also import pictures from other programs. Surprise Maker supports your default e-mail program for easy sending...

All Surprises created with Surprise Maker can show images, play music and redirect users to your web site. Sended surprise can be forwarded and it can run at startup, can be set as Wallpaper and be stored in My Documents My Surprises.

With Surprise Maker you can:
Surprise your family, woman, friends, childs with happy, fun, adult, unusual, surprises.
Create, design and customize your surprise, insert surprising images, pictures, photos and add surprising sound, music, mp3, wav, mid...
You can pack, wrap, cover, create envelope, mask, hide and send, forward, dispatch, eMail surprises and gifts. Enjoy in surprising, make fun, give emotion, scare and use surprise factor.
Have your surprise in a box, surprise her with something gorgeous, create your own great special surprise message. Surprise people with small gifts in their mail and also to be surprised.

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