Ahead  new year, and together with it noisy holidays after which you and your brain will want to have a rest from shooting pyrotechnics, untied joyful speech and noisy ridiculous music. And then to you the master of Ambient-music Brian Eno to the aid will come. I think,  this name is familiar to the majority, as the person really legendary. Well and those who do not know, can pass under the reference and learn about this musician a little bit more.

I wish to suggest to listen to you to one of its brightest works: Thursday Afternoon. As a matter of fact is very soft, gentle atmospheric track in length 60 minutes. Thus it even more unostentatious, than En attendant Cousteau Jean-Michel Zharra. This track is very good for including before a dream as soft, and the most important, accurate sounds of a piano operate improbably.

type: mp3
bitrate: 192-256vbr (-m s -h -v -V 0 -b 192 -B 256)


Taking an opportunity, I wish to congratulate all with coming and to wish all of you all most good. Well and, certainly, more than good music!!!!!

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