Debut album from London based production duo Spiral System.

Refined, lightly chilled vocal and instrumental music with a strong urban edge. Spiral System use a warm clean sound of pianos, strings, acoustic and electric guitars to support some truly laid back melodies. The variety of approach reflects the diversity of modern city life - eloquent rapper MC Precise brings the everyday reality of UK streets, Lottie Child's masterful and soft voice - dreamy and appealing, flute breaths, blasts and trills fill 't.o.p.' and dubby basslines, squelches, stabs and echoes appear in other places. There are Latin touches, multi-cultural references, city sounds - car horns, and soulful melodies all presented with a real band feel.

The mood of this album captures well the variety of musical atmospheres present in a contemporary city such as London - taken and filtered or perhaps tinted with the artists' own favoured hue. The focus is on the chilled side of life, warm twilight evenings - a different sound issuing from each sonic side street.

Beautifully packaged in a lush digipack - In Your Dreams features a long exposure photo image of a night sky on the front cover. The paths of the stars wind around in long curves of light revolving above a black horizon - the sky itself a deep green for this release. The spiral idea is illustrated by a series of shrinking dots. Once the package is opened up another spiral appears in the form of an ammonite indigo/ black against a night blue background. Within a sharp contrast is formed by a bright orange snail illustration - spiral shell streaked with rusts and browns. Credits, thanks and contact details fill the other internal panel.

Spiral System is made up primarily of percussionist Joe Crisp and guitarist Cliff Ovenden. The duo are both experienced players and producers currently working from the UK Spiral Studios in West London. In Your Dreams is a highly polished album with a strong vision and excellent presentation. This CD comes as the debut release from newly established Macro Records accompanied by a series of teaser EPs on iTunes featuring a number of remixes by Gaudi and others.

Artist.....: Spiral System
Album......: In Your Dreams
Genre......: Ambient
Label......: Macro Records
Catalogue..: MAC1CD001
Source.....: CDDA                         
Encoder....: Lame 3.90.3         
Bitrate....: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode.......: Joint-Stereo 
Store.Date.: Oct-00-2006     
Rls.Date...: Jan-05-2007             
Tracks.....: 11                 
Playtime...: 63:35 min       
Size.......: 89,8 MB   

      01. Spiral System - Colour In My Name                      [06:12]
      02. Spiral System - Elephant                               [06:08]
      03. Spiral System - T.O.P                                  [05:24]
      04. Spiral System - Here We Are                            [04:48]
      05. Spiral System - Different Light                        [04:46]
      06. Spiral System - The Key                                [06:33]
      07. Spiral System - Joe Tuesday                            [06:05]
      08. Spiral System - U Again                                [06:02]
      09. Spiral System - Bright Side Of The Sun                 [06:15]
      10. Spiral System - In Your Dreams                         [05:02]
      11. Spiral System - And So To Sleep                        [06:20]

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