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ARTiST: VA                                 
TiTLE: Fabric 32 mixed by Luke Slater           
DATE: Jan-06-2007                               
CATALOG: FABRIC 63                                   
GENRE: Techno                                       
SOURCE: CDDA                                       
ENCODER: Lame MP3 3.97                 
QUALiTY: VBR kbps / 44,1kHz

British technoist Luke Slater delivers a gung-ho mix of machine funk and techno straight from Fabric's Room 2 on the latest installment in the series. 'Fabric 32' is out in January.

Slater first became known for his work as Planetary Assault Systems on the Peacefrog imprint in the early nineties, bringing an aggressive edge and electronic swagger to the Detroit sound, but it was his longplayer 'Freek Funk' (1997) under his own name which crossed over to global dancefloors with its blend of deep acid and electronic funk. Follow-up albums 'Wireless' and 'Alright on Top' saw Slater experimenting with vocals, electro and synth-pop, and recently he's has taken control of his music by setting up his own digital and vinyl label Mote-Evolver.

On his Fabric mix, Slater was intent on capturing the vibe of the London venue so, in a first for the series, he recorded the mix in Room 2 at the club one afternoon. “This mix is a true representation of what I play there," says Slater. "I wanted to do the main part down at the club to get that vibe right from the club. It’s kind of a funky punk disco electronic mix and specifically related to Fabric. I’m excited. Fabric really is quite special, they put in a lot of effort and I have many, many emotions attached to Room 2. "

The mix contains several new cuts from Mote-Evolver, big tracks from Audion, Switch and Martin Buttrich as well as the Basic Channel classics 'Phylyps Trak II/II'


Released January 15, 2007

01 Fabric 32 mixed by Luke Slater            73:58       

TOTAL PLAYTiME..:  73:58 min     


01 L.B.Dub Corp - Rhythm Division                         
02 Colin Zyskowski - For The Asking                       
03 Sleeparchive - Transposition Reverse                 
04 Guy J & Sahar Z - Hazui (Gui Boratto Remix)         
05 Markus Lange - Ruhestorung Plattenbau                   
06 Tres Demented - Brain Freeze                             
07 Putsch '79 - Doin' It                                   
08 Switch - A Bit Patchy (Club Mix)                       
09 Luke Slater - Organ Bender                             
     (Alone At The Altar of Twisted Souls Mix)               
10 Tres Demented - She'z Satan Inst.                     
11 Shakes - Sister Self Doubt                           
12 Spank Rock - Bump (Switch Remix)                       
13 Luke Slater - She Showed Me Heaven                   
14 Raudive - Here (Len's Podium Remix)                   
15 Audion - Mouth To Mouth                                 
16 The Juan Maclean - Love Is In The Air                 
     (Mock & Toof Remix)                                   
17 Perspects - Strap                                       
18 Activator - Doctor Gato (Plus 4 Reasons)               
19 Jurgen Driessden - The Message                           
20 Martin Buttrich - Full Clip                             
21 Basic Channel - Phylyps Trak II/II                     
22 Planetary Assault Systems - GT (Version 2)

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