The Anteater
The Woodpecker
The Wedding Cake
The Rise Of The Smooth Automaton
The Zoo Of Tranquility (Dedicated To Antje)
The Lawnmower
The Zoo And Jonas

EAC lame 3.90.3 --alt -preset fast extreme
covers 300 dpi.
75,74 mb

Style: Electro-ambient.
Johannes Schmoelling, ex Tangerine Dream (1980-85).
This record was inspired by Paul Spooner's Illustrated Book of Automata 'Spooner's Moving Animals' or 'The Zoo of Tranquillity', produced by Bellew Publishing Co. Ltd. 1986, published by Virgin Books. Everyone who buys a copy of the book should go and see the Cabaret mechanical Theatre, Covent Garden, London.". The CD is impossible to find, but it has been re-recorded and re-released in 1998 (see later entry).