Equus Tar'Roc - Zephyr

[реклама вместо картинки]

1. XRS-Eraserhead
2. Dj Addiction-Senses
3. Aquasky-Tranquilty(Forces of Nature Remix)
4. Artemis-Astral Sun
5. A-Sides & Nathan Haines-Ave Maria
6. Bliss N' Tumble-The Journey
7. Dj Ann-City Haze
8. Aural Imbalance-Genetica
9. Art of Noise-Something Always Happens (Doc Scott Remix)
10. Chameleon-Close Your Eyes and Listen


How to download

There are two possibilities you can find after clicking the dl-link.

1st. There is immediatly a button which is disabled for a 10 second
countdown than you can DL - that will happen if there are free download
slots = not many users want download something.

2nd. There are many users who want download. Then you will get in
a waiting queue. Your position you see in the middle of the page in a sentence. Every few seconds you get down in waiting queue. Observe the monitor a moment and you will see.

The second case often occur if something is fresh posted in several forums.
Thats definitive a disadvantage but an advantage is the hosting period of 190 days and an admin panel for uploaders. Further you can upload files up to 250 MB (upload tool is available). I think they will develop further and perhaps there are some changes in future too. This week they bought new hardware and the beginning queue positon went down noticable.

I suggested them to make a multiple-language site or a Faq. It's already
in work and will be availabe soon.