HERCs Abakos Pro VSTi v1.5

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Abakos PRO is the commercial big brother to the freebie Abakos.


* Triangle Waveform now added to Oscillator section.
* Arpeggiator with plenty of control onboard including Tempo and Division.
* Support for TUN (Tuning files).
* Improved filter with a SATURATION button for wild self oscillation.
* LP and HP filter types with 12, 24 and 48 db/OCT options.
* New Distortion module adds low bit grit to your sounds for extreme sonic mess.
* New Rotary effect...LFO--> Pan goodness.
* Special config program giving all users access to some of the internal behaviour of Abakos PRO. From here, you can choose your Oversampling rate, global Volume and Polyphony settings.
* A new and improved Preset system, making choosing presets much more intuitive.

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