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Harold Budd

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Harold Budd - The Pavilion of Dreams

Original Release Date: 1978 (Audio CD - April 24, 1992)
Label: Editions Eg Records
Style: Ambient
Produced by Brian Eno

Bismillahi 'Rrahman 'Rrahim [18:23] (Harold Budd 1974)
Composed for Marion Brown

Marion Brown (as)
Harold Budd (el p)
Maggie Thomas (harp)
Richard Bernas (celeste)
Gavin Bryars (glockenspiel)
Jo Julian (marimba)
Michael Nyman (marimba)
John White (marimba)
Howard Rees (marimba)

Two Songs [6:19] (Harold Budd 1973-74)
(I) Let Us Go Into The House Of The Lord
     A setting of a traditional hymn
     After a version by Pharoah Sanders
(II) Butterfly Sunday
     Adapted from John Coltrane's After The Rain

Lynda Richardson (mezzo soprano)
Maggie Thomas (harp)

Madrigals Of The Rose Angel [14:16] (Harold Budd 1972)
(I) Rosetti Noise
(II) The Crystal Garden And A Coda

Maggie Thomas (harp)
Richard Bernas (el p)
Gavin Bryars (celeste)
Nigel Shipway (perc)
Lynda Richardson, Margaret Cable, Lesley Reid, Ursula Connors, Alison MacGregor, Muriel Dickinson (chorus)

Juno [8:18] (Harold Budd 1975)
Composed for John Bergamo

Harold Budd (p, voice)
Gavin Bryars (glockenspiel, voice)
Jo Julian (vibes, voice)
Michael Nyman (marimba, voice)
John White (perc, voice)
Howard Rees (vibraphone)
Brian Eno (voices)


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Harold Budd / Hector Zazou: Glyph (1995)

1 Pandas in Tandem (5:46)
2 You and Me Against the Sky (4:12)
3 And Then She Stepped Aside (4:58)
4 Around the Corner from Everywhere (4:50)
5 Gorgon's Anxious Pansy (5:40)
6 Johnny Cake (3:48)
7 Reflected in the Eye of a Dragon Fly (4:12)
8 As Fast as I Could Look Away She Was Still There (5:13)
9 Autre Django (4:49)
10 Aperture (11:06)
11 Light Gave Us Away (6:15)

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Вы здесь » Free » Electro / Электроника » Harold Budd