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VoiceMask Pro v1.2

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When you are chatting with text over Internet, you are anonymous. But if you are talking with your voice over Internet, you are no longer anonymous. VoiceMask Pro can change your voice as your wish and even support background music for your conversation. Let's keep your privacy and enjoy anonymous again.

* Allows you to change your voice so you can sound more masculine or feminine.
* Offers support of an equalizer.
* Allows you to add background music to your conversation.
* Customizable skins are now available.
* Supports NetMeeting,ICQ,PalTalk,Yahoo Messenger, CoolEdit and more!
* Supports Windows 98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP!

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Прикольная прога! Помню сидели с другом ,меняли голоса...обхохотались до слёз  :D
Скачаю ещё раз,поприкалываюсь...,а может и для чего-то ещё пригодится,кроме как искажать голось в скайпе... :cool:


Да, там ещё можно фоном музыку ставить, песни петь)

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Вы здесь » Free » Other... » VoiceMask Pro v1.2