GURU's architecture is perfect for anything from straight-up breaks and
stomping floor-fillers to complex polyrhythmic, multi-layered grooves.
The powerful built-in FX and graphical parameter automation allow you
to mutate your beats into new, unheard forms, or create subtle
variations. Mash up your sounds with pitch modulation, repeat triggers,
start-point and timing manipulation, resonant filters and much more.
Everything from precision funk to disturbing sonic mangling and glitch
beatscapes is at your fingertips.

Breathe new life into your loops with GURU's unique intelligent loop
slicer, which categorizes slices as kick, snare, hihat or percussion
hits, letting you use any audio material effortlessly and in the
context of your pattern, or extract individual hits and the timing feel
from loops. The extensive editing and processing tools then allow you
to tweak samples and slice points, or layer more sounds.

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