More than 500 presets guarantee top sounds right from the start: the enormous palette of presets offers many different setups and brings you a gigantic selection of useful guitar and bass sounds in many styles – from 50s-70s rock to pop, metal, hard & heavy, from jazz to blues to country and more.RIG KONTROL 2
The new foot controller with built-in audio/MIDI interface makes GUITAR RIG 2 an all-in-one solution for guitarists and bass players. Just plug & rock! More...
Player's Choice: Build your individual Rig
GUITAR RIG 2 lets you create your dream setup within minutes: just drag and drop your desired amps, cabinets and effects and you're good to go.
Amps, Cabinets and Microphones
GUITAR RIG provides an outstanding selection of amps, cabinets and microphones, which can be freely combined in any order or quantity you desire.
More than 35 classic and modern guitar effects are at your disposal: Phaser, chorus, distortion, reverb, delay, WahWah, EQs, compressor, tremolo, octaver, rotator, limiter, noise gate and more...
Use the new Modifier components to rhythmically animate nearly any parameter for completely new sound effects!
Loop Machine
The ultimate phrase-loop and overdub machine for layering up to 99 loops/layers. With unlimited duration, multiple undo/redo, separate export of all layers, temposync and much more – perfect to accompany yourself "on-the-fly".
With the integrated high-performance tapedecks featuring loop function and independent control over tempo and pitch, GUITAR RIG 2 is also perfect for sessions, for practice and for sketching out song ideas!

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