Dance eJay 5 includes incredible new instruments and effects and a stylish new-look interface. At the same time it is really easy to use - make your own dance hits in minutes with eJay!

Let your musical creativity flow with an astonishing 5,000 brand new royalty-free dance samples to select. Trance, techno, house and dance – you’ll find the whole dance music spectrum covered! Dance eJay 5 not only offers the classic heritage of the infamous ‘Dance’ series but also boasts great new instruments: enter a new dimension of music creation with the reworked Hyper Generator, the Groove Generator, not forgetting the brand new Chord Generator and Bass Generator for creating yet more cutting-edge dance sounds!

Product Features:

* 5,000 royalty-free and brand new dance samples
* Stylish 48-track sound mixer in CD Quality for arranging and composing tracks
* New Time & Tune Generator - adjust the tempo of imported sounds
* New Chord Generator - making your own resonating harmonies
* New Bass Generator - for composing your perfect bass line
* New 3D VJ Box - create the perfect visuals for your mix (1000 3D objects included)
* New polyphonic Hyper Generator - synthesizer and sequencer in one
* Groove Generator - drum computer and 16-track drum sequencer for making your own beats


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