Designed for both mobile and home use, DJS is Pioneer's new PC-based software solution catering for the growing number of DJ's using MP3 files.

Bringing full-scale DJ mixing to PC's, with playability that is comparable to Pioneer's other Pro DJ products, DJS is as intuitive as the CDJ Decks and DJM mixers - and even delivers many of the same innovative features including :

- Hot Cues
- Master Tempo
- Auto mixing
- Fader or Rotary Mixing
- Waveform display for indicating playing position and cue/loop points
- BPM synchronisation and beat synchronisation
- Eight effects including Delay, Echo, Auto Pan, Trans, Filter, Flanger, Reverb and Pitch Shifter
- Fader start function for controlling the playback of two players (channel, fader and cross fader)
- Create function for setting 4 points for cues or loops in a song
- Also included is a ripping function for converting CD, line input signals and wave files to MP3.

The graphical user interface is intuitive and easy to understand, following the same ergonomic design used in all our CDJ products and mixers. The display shows everything you need to see, including time, BPM, mixer controls, jog dial and hot cue buttons.

You can also assign basic functions to a particular key on your PC keyboard. By doing this for frequently used functions, you can establish your own playing style on a keyboard.

In addition, the "SYNC" feature automatically beat matches the cued track to the track that is playing and a powerful effects program mimics the effector features of the DJM-600.

# System requirements :
# Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition / Professional / Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
# Intel® Pentium® M 1.5GHz or faster (or a comparable processor at 1.7 GHz or faster)
# 512 MB RAM or more
# Screen resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels or better
# Built-in or external audio output
# CD-ROM drive
# 250 MB or more of free hard disk space (excluding the capacity needed for storing .mp3 and other files)

With Patch

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