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Sync24 - Source-2007-UPE

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Well at last there was rather costing release!!! Имхо, good  a mix in 2007...!!!

MUST HAVE  Label - Ultimae!

To hear it is possible here

  Proudly Presents

Artist.....: Sync24
Album......: Source
Genre......: Ambient
Label......: Ultimae
Catalogue..: inre024

Source.....: CDDA                       
Encoder....: Lame 3.97         
Bitrate....: avgkbps/44.1Khz 
Mode.......: Joint-Stereo     
Store.Date.: 02.05.2007         
Rls.Date...: 05.05.2007           
Tracks.....: 01                     
Playtime...: 70:27 min       
Size.......: 90,6 MB         

Syn24 - Source                                             
01. Sync24 - Walk On Spheres                               
02. Sync24 - Memloop                                   
03. Sync24 - Cryptobiosis                               
04. Sync24 - Mborg                                       
05. Sync24 - Suspended Animation                           
06. Sync24 - Biota                                     
07. Sync24 - Replicant                                   
08. Sync24 - White Pixels                                 
09. Sync24 - Form A To A                               
10. Sync24 - Woodland (Resurrected)                       
11. Sync24 - Source (Album Edit)                         

                          Release Notes

                Sync24 is the solo project by Daniel
                Ringstroem from renowned ambient down-tempo

                ... Carbon Based Lifeforms. After releasing a
                number of tracks on various compilation, here
                is his debut album, a pure immersion into
                gentle and drifting sounds, hypnotic
                electronica at the edge of minimalism.

                Discover (Source) like an enviromental
                concept album, soundtrack for inspired
                moments, sonic background to a quiet way of
                life. In 11 electric phases, Sync24 slowly
                but surely captures ones attention and calls
                for repeat.

                Step by step, layers of listening experiences
                and secret perceptions will unfold. This
                album is a world apart, once can glide over
                its surface or submerge within its deep
                intimist music.

                An ambient gem that time will sculpt.

             Important Notice     
Support artists by buying CD/12"     
visiting 'em on parties and festivals   
if you still               
wish to enjoy our rips   
      in the future.       
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Вы здесь » Free » Electro / Электроника » Sync24 - Source-2007-UPE