Cosmic Love Child is the new solo project of Steve     
Fields, founding member of Iron Curtain. 'I'll Be       
Your Drum' is a new single on CD with its two versions.                                               
Fields wrote and recorded the song playing most of       
the parts himself with the exception of Zachary         
Tillis-Thompson on didgeridoo. The session was           
engineered by Nik Green. The music catagory is           
electronica/house/funk. The song is written from the     
point of view of a drum that sings its message to its   
beloved player. The music of Cosmic Love Child will     
continue to express the themes of creativity,           
spirituality and healing with a focus on rhythm and     
emotion. The single's jacket is a surreal and           
colorful depiction of the Goddess as posed by the       
beautiful model, Lisa Gutierrez. Fields intends to       
release an entire Cosmic Love Child album in the near   
future. // blip                               
For music created by a (possible) synth-pop/new wave     
artist, now a drum circle hippie, it's pretty good.     
And if we could offer some advice, don't thank the       
guy who put your cover through filter-hell - that       
style died in the early 90s, not ever really coming     
to much of a vivid life.  // AES // snarky bitches //            

Artist──: Cosmic Love Child                               
Title───: I'll Be Your Drum CDsingle                     
Label───: self-released                               
Genre─: Tribal                                         
Source: CDDA                                         
Encoder: LAME 3.97                                       
Quality-─: VBR kbps 44.1 / 15,7 MB / 2 tracks     2007                                     May-07-2007                                     

Track  Title                                             Time
01.    I'll Be Your Drum (Electropop Mix)                05:57
02.    I'll Be Your Drum (Extended Tribal Mix)           06:03 … S.rar.html