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Ivory is the groundbreaking Grand Piano Virtual Instrument featuring
40 Gigabytes of stunning, new samples of Steinway D, Bosendorfer 290
and Yamaha C7 Grand Pianos.

The multi-platform plug-in is powered by Synthogy's custom sample
playback and DSP engine which delivers a new level of realism in
digital sound creation...
» Ivory's Pianos feature up to 10 stereo dynamic levels

» Each Piano is chromatically sampled... all 88 notes at every dynamic
level (97 notes for the Bosendorfer 290)

» Real Release samples triggered at multiple velocities and durations

» Real Una Corda (Soft Pedal) samples at multiple velocities

» Software features Synthogy's powerful custom 32 bit sample playback
and DSP engine

» Sustain Resonance DSP for realistic damper pedal response

» World class Digital FX including ambience, chorusing and EQ. User
controls for Timbre, Stereo Width and Perspective, Velocity Response,
Mechanical Key Noise, Tuning and many others

» Synth pad layering for modern sound production

» Flexible control of resource usage for optimum CPU performance

» PC Support for RTAS and VST. Mac Support for VST, RTAS and Audio Units

Download an Ivory information sheet!

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