The Virtual Poet is a program that automatically selects words that rhyme with a particular word chosen by the user.

The Virtual Poet is a tool for the professional poet and any one who wants to write a small poem with just the right words for that special someone.

If you have ever spent minutes, hours or even days searching for the right rhyme, Virtual Poet can do it for you in just seconds.

Would you like your poem to be filled with many beautiful words that are not repeated?
Would you like those who read your poem to think, this masterpiece is written by a rather talented poet?
Would you like your poems to be new and distinct from any others?

May we suggest that you choose – the Virtual Poet!

Are you struggling? No fresh ideas are coming to you? Having a hard time finding the rhyme for that difficult word?

Virtual Poet can help!

Virtual Poet contains more than 60000 words making it possible for you to have every possible word that rhymes with the word you have chosen.

As time goes by new concepts and new words will be introduced and Virtual Poet can be updated to include them. You can add new words to the Virtual Poet’s dictionary of words. It’s easy – the Virtual Poet can scan any text you may have and add any new words it finds to the dictionary.
Digital Estate Systems is working to constantly improve the program and every new version of the Virtual Poet will contain more and more words in the dictionary!

Virtual Poet can help make you the poet you have always wanted to be!

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