Navigate in Europe from door to door on your Pocket PC. The most complete GPS navigation solution No more traffic jams thanks to FREE real-time traffic information (in A/B/CH/D/DK/E/F/GB/I/N/NL/S) (only in case of Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition).

Extremely fast re-routing in case of deviation from the original route Accurate and in-time navigation instructions Quick address look-up thanks to FuzzySearch address search engine Keep a clear view on the road at night with night colours Unlimited use without further subscriptions Plug & Play installation.


- Smooth map display thanks to interpolation of GPS signal (I-GPS)
- Uninterrupted navigation in tunnels and urban areas thanks to extrapolation
of GPS signal (E-GPS)
- On-screen exit information like on signposts along the road
- Large button user interface for in-car use with the tip of your finger
- Latest geographic data (NAVTEQ, Q1-2007)
- No more speed tickets thanks to a clever warning system when exceeding
a preset speed limit
- Direct dialing to hotels, restaurants, etc. to make for example a
reservation (only in case of Windows Mobile for Pocket PC Phone Edition)
- Always driving on the correct lane thanks to lane advice when approaching
- Fly like a bird over your route


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