Here is the complete list of new features:

* updated: latest UniMesh V4.09 plugins for The Sims 2 by Wes Howe (including AutoJoint, MakeSGrps, Normal Data Merge and Vertex Data Merge plugins)
* added: looped animation for Max Payne 2
* added: joint size, transparency mode and alpha ref are now saved in the .ms3d file
* added: new material mode: combine alpha, which is useful for The Sims 2
* added: lock X and Y when moving/scaling in the Texture Coordinate Editor
* changed: 'Draw vertex weights' and 'Draw vertices with joint colors' are not persistent anymore
* changed: double-click a joint in the list to select it
* fixed: SMD export crashed in certain cases
* added: new DestroyPlugIn procedure in SDK
* changed: SDK update to version 1.8.1
* changed: removed checks for regmon, filemon, etc.
* added: weighted vertices support for Max Payne2 skd files
* fixed: couldn't delete comments
* fixed: check texture filename length and give warning
* fixed: ms3d starts maximized and resizes to normal quickly (flashes)
* changed: SMD export: if there is no material assign, then "default.bmp" is used
* changed: SMD export: if there are no joint assigned to a vertex, then it is assigned to joint 0
* fixed: SHPathPrepareForWriteA didn't work on Win98
* fixed: selecting vertices with the ignore backfaces option didn't work
* changed: trial mode is now optional using the -trial option
* added: a custom config directory can be set using the -config option (useful to run from memory stick)

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