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R.A Callbook Winter 2007 Multilingual

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 Multilingual: English, Spanish, German and French selectable
 Runs directly from CD-ROM, no installtion needed
 More than 1,600,000 amateur radio callsigns
 More than 70,000 e-mail listings
 More than 60,000 QSL manager listings
 More than 250,000 radio amateur maps, including maps for U.S. stations and each Province of Canada
 Fully updated database
 Beacon scheduler for the IAUR/NCDXF beacon system
 Powerful search
 Help for each screen
 Label printing facility
 Bbeam heading and distance information
 Numerous complementary information
 Windows and DOS program


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где можно скачать "Radio Amateur Callbook-2007"(RAC-2007)  или более свежию версию ???

Вы здесь » Free » Network Utilities » R.A Callbook Winter 2007 Multilingual