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Dassault Systemes Delmia V5R16 Multilanguage

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DELMIA offers the most comprehensive suite of digital Manufacturing Solutions available in today’s marketplace. We offeradvanced technologies that deliver end-to-end solutions dedicated to critical customer manufacturing processes.

DELMIA offers olutions to automotive,aerospace,defense,shipbuilding,consumer goods, electrical & electronics,fabrication & assembly and automation. Our solution offering range from process planning to general assembly processes and factory simulation across all manufacturing segments. This allows complete design and validation of the manufacturing processes through digital mock-up.

DELMIA’s Digital Manufacturing Solutions are built on the Dassault Systemes Product, Process and Resource data model, which enables the continuous creation and validation of the manufacturing processes in the context of the product throughout the product lifecycle. The Seamless integration of our entire portfolio through the DELMIA Manufacturing Hub covers all the facets of the manufacturing engineering process, which allows the reuse of best industrial practices.


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