Richard Galliano - In Pursuit of the 13th Note

Label: Universal/Spectrum
Release: March 28, 1991
Style: Rappy-Snappy Jazz with a Conscience

1. Leg In The Sea Of History 
2. Welcome To The Story 
3. Coming On Strong
4. Sweet You Like Your Favourite Gears 
5. Cemetary Of Drums 
6. Five Sons Of The Mother
7. Storm Clouds Gather 
8. Nothing Has Changed 
9. 57th Minute Of The 23rd Hour 
10. Power And Glory 
11. Stoned Again
12. Reviewing The Situation 
13. Little Ghetto Boy 
14. Me My Mike My Lyrics 
15. Love Bomb 
16. Power And Glory (Live Jazz Mix) 
17. Welcome To The Story (A Good Mix)