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Ever need to remotely control or monitor your computer from a distance? Now you can with SpyAnywhere! SpyAnywhere allows you to remotely monitor and control PC's via your web-browser once the SpyAnywhere software has been installed on the remote PC. SpyAnywhere allows you to view system activity and user actions (in realtime!), shutdown/restart, lockdown/freeze, and even browse the file system of your remote PC! Read below for all of SpyAnywhere's exciting features!

Remote Activity Viewing
SpyAnywhere's web-based remote activity viewing allows you to quickly get an accurate picture of what the remote user is doing on your computer. SpyAnywhere gives you the ability to view screenshots of the remote desktop in realtime, recent documents opened by the user, browser histories, internet connections, open windows, and even running programs that the user is working with.

Remote Administration
SpyAnywhere has built in remote administration features that allow you to remotely control and monitor remote PC's with SpyAnywhere installed. SpyAnywhere allows for remote application and windows management, file system browsing and management, system lockdowns, mouse freezing, logging the remote user off their computer, shutting down and rebooting the remote computer, message sending to the remote user, website and application launching, and more.

SpyAgent Integration
If you have Spytech SpyAgent, our popular monitoring and surveillance solution, installed on the SpyAnywhere remote PC you can download and view all of SpyAgent's activity logs - including keystrokes typed, applications ran, websites visited, screenshots, documents opened, email activity, chat conversations, and more.

Remote IP Delivery
Since you may be monitoring a computer that has an ever-changing, dynamic IP address, SpyAnywhere has built in IP address delivery. This easy-to-configure feature allows you to have SpyAnywhere email you the IP address of your computer whenever it changes. This way you can always stay connected to your remote computer.

Powerful Security Features
SpyAnywhere has several powerful security features built-in that allow you to create a safe remote connection point to your computer. SpyAnywhere is password protected from outside users. You can configure specific features within SpyAnywhere's feature-set to be disabled from remote connections - such as file browsing. SpyAnywhere also allows you to allow only specific remote IP addresses to connect to it. SpyAnywhere can operate in complete stealth, as well, so the user of your computer does not know it is running.

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