Reel Deal Card Games

Reel Deal Card Games offers the wild, exciting card game action you crave! It'll blow you away with its enormous array of games: Hearts, Spades, Canasta, Bridge, dozens of Solitaire games and over 70 others! Playing card games has never been more zesty and animated than now with our suite of famous characters, presented in a new, movie-like way -- something never before seen in a card game!

* Smart, vivacious opponents will help you learn how to play
* Test your various skills with multiple levels of game intelligence
* Progress through the secret areas of the Prize Vault and Mall to unlock hundreds of items and surprises
* Go online and compete with other players from around the world for FREE!

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System Requirments:
AMD, Celeron or Pentium III 700
256 MB Memory

AMD, Celeron or Pentium IV 1GHz
512 MB Memory

Windows 2000 or later
1.5GB Hard Disk
DirectX 9.0b or later
Sound Card: Windows Compatible (must be DirectX 9.0b Compatible)
Video Card: DirectX Compatible