YEAR: 1992
Label: The Orchard
GENRE: World/Ambient/Jazz
Encoder: LAME
QUALITY: CBR - 320 kbps / 44,1kHz / Stereo
SIZE: 137 MB
TIME: 60 Min.

01. High Tops
02. Sedona
03. Midnight Mist
04. Keyaro
05. Homecoming
06. Windward
07. Manitou Rain
08. Mandala
09. The Dream
10. Apparitions
11. Obatala
12. Nightfall
13. High Tops (Reprise) … 1.rar.html … 2.rar.html

NATURAL COLORS is an intriguing debut from SEDONA, three of Los Angeles' most talented musicians. Their divervse musical backround combine to create unique compositions that go straight to the mind. Matt Harris' reflective use of synthesizers creates a delicate blend of the human spirit and modern technology. Brian Kilgore's understanding of African, Middle Eastern and South American percussive sounds adds a worldly array to the project. Joel McNeely's dynamic compositions and woodwind sounds combine with these talents to produce the unique experience of SEDONA.
Named of the town wich was synonymous with New Age thinking, SEDONA creates a wide spectrum of styles and moods, going far beyound traditional New Age Music, transgressing musical styles such ambient, world music, jazz and classical sense for style. These three individual spirits combine in an electric collaboreation to take you on a smooth musical adventure.