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OpenMind HyperMILL v9.5 Incl SP4 HF 33658 Multilanguage DVD

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hyperMILL is the high-performance, geometry-oriented CAM software. It offers 2.5 D, 3 D, HSC and revolutionary 5axis machining strategies - and all that under one uniform user interface. hyperMILL is the ideal CAM solution, particularly for complex and demanding machining tasks.

 Intelligent features such as RAPID RESULTTechnology automate routine work and reduce programming complexity
 Efficient machining strategies optimize tool movements and avoid unnecessary fast travel
 Reliable collision checks and automatic collision avoidance ensure top-notch process stability
 The interactive and Windows-oriented user interface supports the user step-by-step
 Job-based operation and the option to change existing jobs at any time, even during the calculation, ensures complete control

The many strategies and functions available in hyperMILL will definitely reduce your programming and manufacturing times.

hyperMILL offers what is probably the most comprehensive and economic CAM concept on the market. And it is an ideal for solution for practically every manufacturing task, e.g.:

 Hole and pocket milling
 Feature-based solid machining
 Free-form surface machining
 Deep cavity and dome machining
 Tube machining
 Turbine and impeller machining


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Очень нужна программа OpenMind HyperMILL v9.5   Люди ПОМОГИТЕ!!!!!!!!!

Вы здесь » Free » Industry & Office » OpenMind HyperMILL v9.5 Incl SP4 HF 33658 Multilanguage DVD