If you are looking for the best auction software, auction tools, software for sniping, eBay tools for eBay and with integrated snipe bidding, then look no further. AuctionSleuth incorporates eBay snipe tools, snipe tools and auction search tools for the major auction sites eBay, eBay Motors and auctions. AuctionSleuth includes both automated searching and sniping software to help you find and win auction bargains with very little effort. AuctionSleuth periodically searches auctions sites for items with key words and prices that meet your criteria and then lets you know when they are found.

AuctionSleuth searching is based on the premise that there are really only 2 ways to win an auction at the right price.

• Be there as the first buyer when an auction first appears as a Buy it Now auction.
• Be the successful high bidder right before an auction item closes at End of Auction.

AuctionSleuth Features:
•AuctionSleuth searches eBay, eBay Motors and auctions.
• Bid sniping for eBay, eBay Motors, eBay Mature Audience and, with bid logic. You can even snipe bid several items with the same ending time.
Bid Logic can be setup for each snipe bid. (Example: Only place the snipe bid if item 1 Wins AND Item 2 Wins OR item 3 Loses).
• AuctionSleuth searches for 3 types of auctions, "Buy It Now", "End of Auction" and "By Seller" on eBay and at the same time! Only those auctions that meet your search criteria are displayed.
• AuctionSleuth can warn you with 3 different types of alarms (wave file, popup alarm or email) that one of your searches was met. The email can be sent to your cell phone (ask your cell provider about this feature). Customize your email alarm messages.
• You can go about your daily business while AuctionSleuth runs in the background relentlessly searching for auctions.
• Up to 200 different auction searches can be configured and running simultaneously.
• Support for 5 different usernames/passwords for each auction site.
• AuctionSleuth provides both simple and advanced search operators to help isolate auction items that meet your search criteria.
• Users can select the search update times that best suit their needs.
• AuctionSleuth incorporates a custom auction browser to ensure your normal web browsing isn't interrupted.
• Print search results.
• Extensive help files and pre configured examples are provided to help you get started quickly.

What's New in Version 2.8.3:
• Fixed clock set and offset problems on eBay sites.
• Added search name to email msg.
• Fixed problem with adding a note to a snipe then exiting.

OS: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98 with the Y2K Update 2, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000, NT 4 SP6a.

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