CoinManage - Coin Collecting Software 6.12 2007 | 82.7 Mb

CoinManage 2007 Coin Collecting Software
Save countless hours of dull data entry by selecting from our comprehensive database of coins from the USA, UK &

How Much is Your Collection Worth? Find out now with our accurate & up-to-date values for more grades than ever

Our coin database includes full variety & mintage information as well as direct links to relevant coin collecting

CoinManage ships with numerous useful reports and includes a fully integrated report designer. Create reports,

labels, charts and print or export to a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel and HTML.
New! Keep your data safe with our new fully-automated backup feature. You can also password protect your data.
New! Stay up to date with our automated program update feature. You will be able to instantly download and install

the latest CoinManage program updates, values and reports.

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