Growler Guncam is a game recorder and screen capture tool that allows users to create video from games and other programs. Guncam can turn this video into AVI files, animated GIF files, and even JPEG screen shots Use Guncam to create a machinama masterpiece, use it to share your game exploits with friends, or just use it to help improve gamee-play.

Growler Guncam strives for performance and quality. If maintaining a high frame rate is important to you, Guncam should be your game recording and screen capture program of choice.

>> Once film is captured, Growler Guncam provides a video editor to help extract the desired portions of film. Guncam makes it easy to select and save the video you want to keep.

>> After video is selected, Guncam can export that video as a highly compressed AVI file (using XVID or DIVX), or as an animated GIF.

>> In addition to basic editing tools, visual effects can be added to films to give them an unique look. Guncam can easily adjust contrast, brightness and color saturation. Guncam also has other effects to give film a natural look, as if it was from a real video camera.

Recommended minimum system:
Windows 2000/XP
1 GHz Intel or 1000 AMD processor
ATI or nVidia video card

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