All-in-one suite to completely protect, maintain and manage your PC - Hard Disk Manager (HDM) provides you with all of the tools you need to manage today’s hard drives, including partitioning, backup, cloning, defrag, hard drive disposal, system management and system recovery.

HDM 2008 Suite allows you to:
* Save your entire PC, including the operating system, applications, your settings, and all data with easy-to-use backup tools
* Continue working on your computer during your disk backup
* Restore the entire disk contents in minutes - no reinstallations required!
* Boot your computer to start the recovery process, even if your operating system has failed
* Easily partition your hard drives and keep them optimally sized
* Keep your system performing like it was just installed
* Manage multiple OS'es on a hard drive
* Easily move data and system information between drives and partitions
* Tune your system for maximum performance with powerful defragmentation utility
* Easily clone an old drive or drive partition to a new one
* Expand your PCs storage capabilities with additional hard disks
* Maintain the confidentiality of your deleted data forever
* All available Paragon Hard Disk Management technologies are available in one suite
* Flexible and reliable overall system control at a low cost.

Key Features and Benefits of HDM 2008 Suite at a glance:
• Complete set of tools. HDM 2008 Suite provides you with the most complete hard drive maintenance tool available
• Intuitive user interface. Easy to use wizards help you take full advantage of the power of HDM 2008 Suite.
• Backup/Restore. Keeping previous backups makes it easy to restore your system to a particular date and time. HDM makes both backup and restore a snap!
• Hard Disk cloning. Copy entire hard drive or just an individual partition, with Drive Copy tool it takes only few clicks
• Optimization and Defragmentation. Defragmentation is the best method for achieving top system performance. The file system is always tuned for maximum performance.
• Advanced Recovery Utilities. Provides fast, easy and complete recovery (including operating system, software and data) in case of system crashes, hardware failure or other disasters.
• Imaging and Partitioning. Advanced tools let you control your hard drive, the number of partitions and the type of backups you may need.
• Disk Wiper. Keep you personal data protected when exchanging or destroying a hard drive. Quickly and permanently delete all of the personal and confidential data.
• MS Windows Vista support. Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista. Includes updates and new product features as available throughout the renewable service period

Partitioning Features:
* Basic Partitioning (Create, format, check file system, delete, hide/unhide, mark as active, assign drive letter, etc.) Wizards and Dialogs.
* Resize copy and undelete partitions functionality.
* Disk Editor
* Operations with MBR
* Drive integrity check
* Hard Disk surface test

Boot management Features:
* Multi-boot environment
* Default settings and boot on timeout
* Hidden mode
* Easy activation/deactivation

Imaging and Cloning Features:
* Hard Disk/Partition Copy
* Incremental Copy Option
* Copy with resize

Defragmentation Features:
* Monopoly Access mode defragmentation
* Filesystem optimization strategies by three parameters (file date, file size, directory order)
* Optimization of the page file and the hibernation file allocations.
* MFT defragmentation
* Low free space defragmentation (less than 1% free space required)
* External USB device defragmentation
* Shrink MFT feature
* Big volume support ( >128 GB)
* RAID suppor

General Backup/Restore Features:
* Backup Data and System to an archive
* Restore Data and System from an archive
* Restore From Recovery CD
* Schedule Backup operations
* Backup Archive Compression
* Backup Archive Encryption

Supported Backup/Restore methods:
* Backup/Restore to/from a spare drive, a partition, a Backup Capsule
* Backup/Restore to external USB or FireWire HDD device
* Backup/Restore to CD/DVD
* Backup/Restore to Backup Capsule
* Bootable archives on CD/DVD

Advanced Backup/Restore Features:
* Paragon Hot Backup support
* MS VSS support
* Choice of Hot Processing method
* Backup Capsule management
* Burn existing archives to CD/DVD
* Shut down after scheduled backup
* Restore partition with resize
* Extract separate files from backup archive
* Restore within BTE environment

Rescue Kit Features:
* Recovery Media Builder
* Recovery CDs
* Recovery CD: Simple Restore Wizard
* Recovery CD: Network support
* Three recovery environments
* File Transfer Wizard

Wipe Features:
* Wipe partition/drive
* Clear free space

Hardware Support:
* DVD±R Double Layer Support

This comprehensive package of functionality is accessible from one easy-to-use interface, so you don’t need to buy and install each package individually by saving you time and money.

New in Paragon Hard Disk Manager 2008 Suite, 11.10.2007:
Hard Disk Manager Suite is a new edition in the product line. In this new product, we’ve combined all of the tools that you need for hard disk management and maintenance, in to a single, easy-to-use suite.
Hard Disk Manager 2008 Suite is Windows Vista compatible. It includes Exclusive launcher - a single place to select the functions that you need for specific tasks. All of the functions are divided into categories, which reflect different solutions:
* Backup and restore
* Imaging and partitioning
* Optimization and defragmentation
* Advanced recovery utilities
* Wiping

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