Solaris 104

In the future, many alien races battle fiercely for the galaxy's colonization. Earth sent its most powerful armada to recover four strategic sectors. You, as the rookie pilot 104, are assigned to join the greatest and most dangerous mission. Codename: “SOLARIS". Thirteen stages with a wide range of alien menaces generated with pre-rendered graphics to test your skills, SOLARIS 104 brings back the good "old-school" arcade side-scrolling shooting action with a flavor of today's technology in this brand new game for the PC.

• Alpha-blended sprites
• 14 stunning levels (CD version) with hundreds of different pre-rendered enemies and scenery.
• High quality MPEG cinematics (CD version).
• Challenging gameplay appeals to retro gamers as well as newcomers.
• Detailed high-color graphics.
• Cool old-fashioned arcade music.
• Plays straight from the CD, just like a console game (CD version).

System requirements:
• Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP
• DirectX 6
• 266 MHz
• 32 MB RAM

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