Joey Fehrenbach - Mellowdrama
Label DT Music, USA
Catalog# DTM001
Format CD
Country US
Released 01 Jun 2006
Genre Electronic
Style Downtempo, Ambient

1  Being Around You
2  Runaway Child
3  Behold
4  Particles
5  Beltenebros
6  Rain
7  I Remember
8  The House Of Lost Hope
9  The Beginning

Joey Fehrenbach’s Mellowdrama is a very welcome set of ambient/downtempo tracks. At its best, the CD mixes the beautiful otherworldliness of Brian Eno’s ambient classics with mellow beats, creating a future chill-out classic.

Fehrenbach is probably best known for his work as Dream Traveller. A Dream Traveller trance track, Time, was part of the massive dance mix hit, Tranceport, by Paul Oakenfold. The best tracks on Mellowdrama, though, go beyond his previous work, exploring an atmospheric downtempo vibe and maintaining it throughout the CD.

Highlights of the CD include: Being Around You, which takes you from Eno-esque soundscapes to downtempo grooves; Beltenebros, which starts ambient and builds dramatically throughout the track; and I Remember, which combines a bit of the feel of Eno’s Music for Films with a more modern downtempo sensibility.

All in all, Mellowdrama is one of the best downtempo releases of 2006. Check out Fehrenbach’s MySpace page for a taste of some of his music. … 6.rar.html