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Groovebox Music Production With Reason 4 DVD

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This groundbreaking release shows you how one of the hottest songs included with the new Reason 4, was created! Learn step-by-step how the awe inspiring track "Narrow Escape" was written and produced by the songwriter Josh Mobley (aka Neoverse). In this series directed by Reason Guru and world-wide speaker/instructor Kurt Kurasaki, you will be taken on a journey that builds this track up from nothing, into something great.


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Хорошее видео, но скачать не получается... Может перезальёте на рапиду? Или ещё лучше на треккер какой нибуть. Заранее благодарен.

Отредактировано Jon (2008-05-04 20:25:46)

Вы здесь » Free » Tutorials » Groovebox Music Production With Reason 4 DVD