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[реклама вместо картинки]

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* Original Release Date: November 21, 2006
* Label: Nonesuch
* Copyright: 2006 Nonesuch Records
* Genres: Soundtracks/
* bitrate: 320kbp/s
* track: 10
* size: 106mb


01. The Last Man
02. Holy Dread!
03. Tree Of Life
04. Stay With Me
05. Work
06. Xibalba
07. First Snow
08. Finish It
09. Death Is The Road To Awe
10. Together We Will Live Forever

I saw this film last Sunday and thought the visuals and story were great,but the nucleus holding the film together was in fact the music.Clint Mansell ,the Kronos Quartet(whom I'll be seeing in concert this sunday),and Mogwai have accomplished what VERY few film composers of this day and age have been able to:create a nearly flawless masterpiece which makes the film more than a visual experience,but can stand on it's own as a treasured album.You probably won't appreciate the music as much unless you see the film first,though.

I would describe the music as some-what Philip Glass-esque,because it works its way into scenes in waves most of the time which ebb and flow,and then grow in intensity.Some tracks reach enormous heights of intensity,while others ride on the thin line between ambient music and a full,orchestral tone.At the soundtracks highest peak,probably in one of the last tracks,you will find the only really loud music for only a matter of maybe 30 seconds or so,and you should see the film to get a full grasp of how powerful that half-minute truly is!

I cannot believe some of the reviews this film is getting.The Czecks hated it I read,and most of the people who I've talked to that have seen it said they left after about 20 minutes;most left because the montage was too difficult to follow,and one guy even said he left with his girlfreind because "that stupid yoga part with the backdrop of stars was just too artsy."My film teacher is right.Film might be a dead art if all Americans want to see these days is 100% fast-cuts,neo-pop heavy metal infused action sequences,cutie-pie cartoons,and the same 10 love stories re-done every year with different actors and actresses,but the same old premise.

I simply can't comprehend how anyone could become bored watching such a powerfully interesting film such as "The Fountain".Show Hollywood what you'd like to see them produce by seeing this film and buying this soundtrack.I'll support it because I want change.

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