Get an insiders look at Microsoft Expression Blend; with this training series created with designers in mind. With Microsoft Senior Tester and Trainer Dante Gagne leading the way, youll quickly get up to speed on Expression Blend, WPF and Silverlight 1. Youll discover all the new features of Expression Blend 2 along with tips and techniques to help you successfully use this new piece of technology. Whether you are picking up Blend for the first time, or want to uncover all the new features of Expression Blend 2, this series is just what you need to get you up and running fast.


 Learn all about Vertex Animation and how to work with this new feature.
 Get an introduction to Silverlight 1.
 Find out secrets for customizing the controls and working with resources.
 Learn all about the breadcrumb bar, and how it makes control customization easier.
 Uncover how to edit drawing brushes after theyve been created.

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