PinkNoise Studio proudly presents: PRO.TON3 virtual analogue synth with hardware based chorus!

PRO.TON3 is not a traditional refill. Neither is it a sampling library, filled with recorded presets or sounds of instruments. It's more like a virtual analogue synthesizer that exploits the full power of Reason.

PRO.TON3 only uses short analogue waveforms (saw, square, etc.) as building blocks in NN-XT advanced sampler. NN-XT handles unlimited number of multilayers, where every layer has its own envelopes, LFOs, filters, pan position. These layers (in analogue terminology: oscillators) can also be altered & controlled by velocity, modwheel and aftertouch. And this was only the NN-XT, now comes the icing on the cake: the Combinators!

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